(A Graduate  College of Theology & Ministry)

  Bethel Christian          University

Biblical Training:

The complicated environment today needs Biblical Training and spiritual cleansing to repair all ethically and spiritually damages of this life.  Studying and giving attendance to reading the word of God has a lot to achieve in the maintenance and management of spiritual orderliness which the Church is lacking today.

​We  exist to Channel you towards a path of Ministry for your church and to Develop you with the capacity to handle any situation the enemy may throw on you.   

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Your future is waiting for you at Bethel Christian University for your Theological Education    


You Can Be A University Graduate:

We have endeavored to design a system of study for All Believers, Who desire to mature into full grown children of God - able to fulfill their places within the Body of Christ.

​Classes with caring Professors who are ready to impact spiritual knowledge to you -  practical experience are the hallmark of a true learning and educational pursuit. Read more


Welcome to an amazing years of study at BCU.

Bethel Christian University is a University with sound teachings based on Biblical Doctrines. The experience that you will acquire together with the knowledge will actually prepare you in the work of the ministry.  You will benefit tremendously in the areas of your calling

Bethel Christian University is a sound training ground for every Christian leader. Here, your eyes of understanding will be opened and truth is unveiled. During your studies, your knowledge of the scriptures will be increased


Join us and see what your years at Bethel Christian University can do for you!



Bethel Christian University is here  to train and equip men and women of God into active Evangelism and creative Pastoral Ministry and to continue to hold brief for the Lord Jesus Christ until He comes back.

If you are looking for quality Education where you can earn an
ASSOCIATE, BACHELOR, MASTERDOCTORATE DEGREEthrough Distance Learning (Home-Study), Extension study, or in the classroom, we can help you