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Join us and see what your years at Bethel Christian University can do for you!​


Bethel Christian University is a University with sound teachings based on Biblical Doctrines. The experience that you will acquire together with the knowledge will actually prepare you in the work of the ministry.  You will benefit tremendously in the areas of your calling

Bethel Christian University is a sound training ground for every Christian leader. Here, your eyes of understanding will be opened and truth is unveiled. During your studies, your knowledge of the scriptures will be increased


Bethel Christian University is here  to train and equip men and women of God into active Evangelism and creative Pastoral Ministry and to continue to hold brief for the Lord Jesus Christ until He comes back.

If you are looking for quality Education where you can earn an ASSOCIATEBACHELOR,MASTERDOCTORATE DEGREEthrough Distance Learning (Home-Study), Extension study, or in the classroom, we can help you


To prepare men and women for the ministry by training qualified leaders for the church.

Create an environment for achievement in the life of every students.
Provide Christian education and ministry training in an atmosphere of  Excellence.
Raise national spiritual leaders for the church.
Raise Missionaries to reach the unreached people of the world.

To enable Pastors to multiply their ministry by founding a Bible college in their local Churches.
Provide Christian Resource and research center.
Provide quality Non-traditional Christian education and ministry training through on or off-campus and online programs.

BCU recognizes Christian Education as a dynamic instrument of change in the Ministry, which every minister of God ought to have access to bring the much needed change in all facets of our ministerial callings.  We also acknowledged Christian Education as a critical force for promoting the Unity of the Church of Jesus Christ in harmony and peace.  Christian Education being a dynamic instrument develops the skills and the varied professional ministerial expertise needed for the Theological development of the Church of God worldwide.

To break down denominational barriers
To raise up National Leaders, to be Apostolic spiritual leaders.
To train ministers to go into villages and interiors to build God an Army.
To train ministers on how to conduct mass-evangelistic crusades.
To train ministers on how to break through in Radio/Television ministry and how to use the media to multiply your ministry.
To put the Tools in your hands.
To build-up the Body of Christ.
To foster Unity and stability among all the Christians.
To support one another in developing a mutual working relationship.
To witness to the world of our oneness in Christ.
To improve the educational standard of each worker/minister

The University concept of Theological Education is a response to the often heard comment, “my college and seminary training was not practical for the real world. It just didn’t prepare me for the ministry”. This impractical approach to education is usually the result of course and programs which are designed and implemented by individuals who do not have ministerial experience and training. This is the “Ivory Towers” approach to education. To make education practical for the real world, Bethel Christian University offers courses of study and degree programs created by individuals who are recognized as experienced experts in their respective areas of knowledge.



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