Bethel Christian University was established as a non for profit Christian University to train ministers and missionaries for the gospel ministry.

Bethel Christian University is incorporated in the State of Kansas, as a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) Under the Covering of KINGSWAY MINISTRIES, INC. Des Moines, Iowa.

Bethel Christian University is Chartered by Kingsway Fellowship International, Des Moines, Iowa, USA. Presently, BCU is  networking with  Kingsway Fellowship International, Harvestime International Network and Nations  University.

The University is currently running part-time, Distance Learning, and extension Theological/Biblical courses for those who have the call of God. It is necessary that every minister prior to taking up the challenges of answering God’s call must fulfill the initial basic requirements of undergoing a period of training whether full-time, part-time, online or by correspondence.  Pastoral Training is the dynamic life giving element in every Church organization. Having pastors is not enough but there must be a ready and continuous supply of potentials to meet the future and some times unexpected pastoral needs to fill the inevitable gaps in our churches.

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An untrained Pastor is as dangerous as an untrained Medical Officer. Consequently, Pastoral Training must be geared towards increasing the self awareness of the Pastors and thereby, improving his skill, knowledge and capabilities through a long and planned system of work experience as well as formal and informal education and training. It includes all situational changes to which the pastor may be exposed in the course of this working career which are calculated to stimulate his thinking and improve his attitude to his work, the ultimate purpose being to bring about improvement in his effectiveness and contribution to the achievement of the objectives of his organization.

It is with these thoughts in mind that the University has been established to produce ministers who could rightly divide the word of truth in their respective churches all over the world.

If your desire is to honor Christ while preaching and teaching the Bible as the inspired Word of God, Bethel Christian University is the School for you. The Bible centered curriculum and specialized programs are designed to prepare you to meet the challenges which you will encounter daily in your ministry.

Bethel Christian University is a Graduate Professional School Of Theology And Ministry. Bethel Christian University is a College where the Holy Spirit is honored as Chief Executive. Special emphasis is placed upon His Sanctifying Process in the believers’ heart, which is manifested in outward expressions of Holy Spirit living. A constant Spirit of revival pervades the atmosphere of our school where the name of JESUS CHRIST is magnified above all others and the Holy Spirit is invited to teach.

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