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service provides online control of current progress in study, results of exams and tests, scholarship assignment, study leave, etc. «Personal student page» access may be implemented by login and password which one can get in dean’s offices.

Provides a range of support, information and specialist services to enhance your student experience and help you throughout your studies.

Student Scholarship

Bethel Christian University operates a Scholarship scheme sponsored through Free-Will Offerings, General Public Donations, Grants from Christian Organizations, and Men and Women within and outside Bethel Families. The University does not and will not participate in or intends to accept funds from any State or Federal Financial Aid Agency programs, such as Student Loans, Grants, or Scholarship.  This will enable us maintain the issue of separation of Church and State, as Jesus said, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to GOD the things that are GOD’s” Mark 12:17.The Scholarship committee awards scholarship to worthy students on the basis of their Christian character, academic ability, financial need and availability of funds.

Methods Of Application

Request for and submission of Admission Forms and Registration should be addressed to the Registrar, Bethel Christian University, 5010 SW 20th Terrace, Topeka, KS. 66604, USA., with a non-refundable fee of $25.00.