(A Graduate  College of Theology & Ministry)

  Bethel Christian          University

BCU recognizes Christian Education as a dynamic instrument of change in the Ministry, which every minister of God ought to have access to bring the much needed change in all facets of our ministerial callings.  We also acknowledged Christian Education as a critical force for promoting the Unity of the Church of Jesus Christ in harmony and peace.  Christian Education being a dynamic instrument develops the skills and the varied professional ministerial expertise needed for the Theological development of the Church of God worldwide.

Bethel Christian University will then:

Provide functional and qualitative ministerial and theological education in accordance with Christ mandate.

Strive to improve, expand and facilitate the implementation of philosophy and   objectives of Christian Educational system as spelt out in the Bible in order to provide qualitative, functional and relevant ministerial and theological education geared to the needs of the Church community.

Continue to stress the importance of qualitative Biblical education assign to inculcate respect for human and ministerial worth, dignity  of cultural, moral, clergy and Christian values.

Provide an atmosphere for fostering discipline, character, integrity building, cultural interaction and understanding among the various ethnic unreach peoples groups.

Provide opportunity for the revamping of the moral content of our theological educational systems by ensuring that the ministers are giving pure and undiluted theological education.

BCU which is now operating an integrated structured, co-educational ministerial program, offers continuity, stability and progressive theological development for the Clergy profession, through on and off campus studies, Correspondence and extension studies.

BCU will lay solid ministerial foundation for theological studies, lay emphasis  on advanced theological education, which is aimed for effective participation in and involved in christian educational ministries among the Clergymen and Women.  They will be given the opportunity to develop manpower needed for the Church. We strongly believe that qualitative Christian Education will produce good quality of education among the Clergy, and Leaders of the Church.

Give yourself quality Christian  education by enrolling into any of our programs in the University and by so doing you will be bestowing on yourself a solid Spiritual Legacy.