(A Graduate  College of Theology & Ministry)

  Bethel Christian          University

The Associate degree course provides the students with the necessary basic knowledge of Theology and Ministry.

Successful completion of the Associate degree course will lead to the award of the University's Associate Degree in Biblical Studies or Theology as the case may be, and will entitle the student to register for the Bachelor course in any area of concentration.

The Dean of Academic Affairs and his associates are available to counsel any student concerning selection of his or her major.  Students must pass all the related and compulsory courses to earn him or her a major.

The Associate Degree is broken down into two separate programs.  The students who desire a Bachelor's Degree in Theology or Divinity should follow the Associate of Theology Degree program.

The students who desire a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Counseling, Christian Education or Christian Missions should follow the Associate of Biblical Studies program.

There are 60 credit hours required to earn the Associate Degree.  Transfer credits in Theology, Humanities and other related subjects from other colleges may be used along with Life Experience, Leadership Seminars and Ministry Experience to fulfill some of the requirements in each Degree program. 

Credits transferred must be comparable subjects to those required and offered by BCU.  Requirements for any degree must be approved by the Dean of Studies. 
Please Note: A minimum of eight (8) courses  must be taken through Bethel Christian University to earn the Associate Degree. Back to Academic Programs