Bethel Christian          University


Prof. Wilson Adoh, PhD. ThD. D.Min. DRE. DCC.
Chief Executive officer/Dean of Academic Affairs.

Rev. Sam Michael Frazier, (BSc. Human Services  & Counseling)
Vice-President/Chief Financial Officer

Minister Joseph G. Booker,
(BA. Human Resourses),

Evang. Sunday Omodehinde,
(AA, Computer Tech), (AA/BA, Biblical Study/Counseling)

Evang. Missionary Diahann Frazier,
(BA. Performing Arts), (BA. Theology), (BA. Bible & Cross-Cultural)
and (MA. Practical Theology)
Dean of Studies

Rev. Favour Adoh,  (BA. Theology)
Assistant Registrar

Dr. Seth A. Paitoo,(PhD, Christian Education), (ThCD., Christian Theology), (DD. Doctor of Divinity)
Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Innocent Edet Unoh, (ThD. Church Administration & Management), (MTh. Church Admnistration & Management),

(BTh. Leadership Development)

Director of Studies - Abuja Campus - Nigeria.

(A Graduate  College of Theology & Ministry)


Dr. Ben Thornley, HDD., MCA.                                    -   KU & TS. USA

Dr. Lynn Nicholson, 
PhD.                                   -   KFI. USA.

Dr. Ronald Breese, 
D.Min.                                 -   FGRC. USA

Dr. John Emilimor,
DDS.                                    -   DCA. USA/Nigeria

Dr. George G. Oyegunle, BSc, MBA, DD.            -   PCC. Nigeria

(Nigeria Representative)